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The King James Bible is the most printed, purchased, and read book of all time.  It is worthy of honor in our Nation’s Capitol, our churches, and our homes.  Partner with The Bible Nation Society as we spend this year celebrating this Book of Books.   Your generous contribution will help give this historic anniversary its proper recognition in our Nation’s Capitol.

Here are some highlights of what your support will accomplish:

  1. National Mall display tent May 2-3, 2011 directly in front of the Capitol building.
  2. Lecture series at George Washington University May 2, 2011.
  3. National Mall King James Bible 400th Anniversary rally on the National Mall, May 3, 2011.
  4. Distribution of over 35,000 commemorative John and Romans New Testaments in Washington D.C.
  5. Various King James Bible 400th Anniversary conferences through out the year in various locations.

All contributors will receive a FREE copy of Majestic Legacy for any donation.

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A legacy implies more than a profound victory. It is an unquestionable string of profound victories over an impressive length of time. It is Lance Armstrong with seven consecutive Tour de France wins. It is General George Patton powering his armies across Africa, Sicily, France and Germany. It is a sightless Fanny Crosby writing scores of timeless iconic hymns that continue to make grown men weep with joy every Sunday! It is not a denotation to throw around lightly.
A majestic legacy is one that overpowers or transcends the combined impact of countless other legacies over the centuries. In the literary and cultural arena, where ideas compete for the mastery, it is the King James Bible that stands atop the mountain. Its words inspire athletes, inhabit the prayers of generals, and become the very chorus of the song writers! It is a phenomenon. It is the rarest of objects. It is the Word of God. Only a heavenly book deserves the vaunted adjective – majestic.
Dr. Phil Stringer, extols this truth with the poignancy of a preacher, the finesse of a professor, the love of a pastor, and the artful ink of a seasoned writer. There is not another treatise that makes this unique approach highlighting four hundred years of influence of the King James Bible. There is not another author so well fit for the subject. Phil presents the clear evidence with the profound faith of a true believer, and the kind reasoning of one who truly cares for the critic. Majestic Legacy is a convincing work! I am sure the reader will devour it, keep it, and quote it. Enjoy the celebration.
Dr. Douglas F. Levesque
Pastor Immanuel Baptist Church
Founder Bible Nation Society

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