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National Mall Bible Display – May 2-3, 2011
Celebrating 400 Years of Influence
National Mall – “Capitol Reflecting Pool” (near Capitol Building)

Event Headquarters & KJV 400 Resources
First Edition 1611 King James “HE” Bible (very rare)
Full size Gutenberg Press working replica
-See the “Lost Gutenbergs” -(
-Watch craftsmen print the Bible
-Receive a Gutenberg printed KJV page
Learn the story of the English Bible and how it changed the
world in which we live.

George Washington University-May 2, 2011
King James Bible Lectures & National Fine Arts Celebration

KJV Lecture Series (9 AM – 3 PM, speakers begin at top of hour)

Dr. Phil Stringer – KJV history expert & author
Dr. David Sorenson – KJV translation expert & author
Larry Stone – Wycliffe & Tyndale historian
Vishal Mangalwadi – Indian professor, Bible & Culture expert

Rare Bible & Facsimiles Display

View additional Bibles and artifacts
Some items available for purchase

National KJV Fine Arts Celebration (7 PM, professional attire)

Ray Gibbs, former Metropolitan Opera singer
Lonnie Shipman, classical pianist
Rhonda Autrey, program director

35,000 Gospel of John & Romans Distribution
Celebrating the 400th Anniversary by spreading the Word

Help distribute the Bible as you view our Nation’s Capitol
Follow the included “Stories In Stone” self- guided DC tour

-See the Word of God inscribed in our National Monuments
-Learn about our National Bible heritage

Receive a complimentary commemorative King James Bible 2011 Expo canvas back pack.

-Back packs available while supplies last.
-Receive your back pack at the National Mall display tent.

Rally at the Capitol Reflecting Pool 5:00 PM  May 3, 2011!