King James Bible 2011 EXPO Lecture Series
George Washington University
Jack Morton Auditorium

May 2, 2011

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Dr. David Sorenson

Dr. Sorenson is the pastor of North Star Baptist Church, Duluth, MN.  He is the author of “God’s Perfect Book” and “Touch Not the Unclean Thing

Presentation:  The History and Creation of the King James Bible

Dr. Phil Stringer

Dr. Phil Stringer is the pastor of Ravenswood Baptist Church,Chicago, IL.  He is the author of a number of books, including “Majestic Legacy: The 400 Year Impact of the King James Bible

Presentation:  Majestic Legacy: The 400 Year Impact of the King James Bible

Larry Stone

Larry Stone is a former missionary and vice president of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  He is the author of “The Story of the Bible

Presentation:  A Forbidden Book: Wycliffe, Tyndale, & the English Bible Before 1611

Dr. Donald Brake

Dr. Brake taught theology for more than 30 years in colleges, seminaries, churches, and conferences, covering subjects of the biblical canon, history of the English Bible, and New Testament textual criticism. He served as President of Jerusalem University College and Vice President and Dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary.

Dr. Brake’s “Visual History of the English Bible (Baker 2008) earned a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and has received wide acclaim from pastors, scholars, and lay Christians.  He also authored “A Visual History of the King James Bible” for the occasion of the 400th anniversary.

Presentation: A Visual History of the King James Bible